Essex County NJ Area Information And Location In New Jersey

Essex County NJ area info

Essex County NJ Area Information and Location In New Jersey

Do you want to know all about Essex County NJ location information? Our blog post will tell you everything you want to know. We will even recommend a few great businesses in the heart of Essex County NJ!

Essex County can be found in the northeastern part of the state of New Jersey. It is the second most populated county in the state. This falls just behind Bergen County. The name comes from a county named Essex in East England. Essex County would be the first county in the entire country to create a county park system. This was done to ensure that the land would not be lost that was to be developed. 

History of Essex County NJ

Essex County begins in written history back to 1666. This would state that thirty families from Connecticut would establish a settlement along the Passaic River. This movement was led by a man named Robert Treat. This settlement was in what is now Newark. A year after this happened, the Connecticut families would purchase this land from the native people for only 800 dollars. 

It was not until 1682 that it would be officially established. It was one of the four original counties that are still part of New Jersey today. The other counties consisted of Monmouth, Bergen, and Middlesex. 

Essex County NJ

More Essex County History

When the American Revolution happened, the county would become prosperous. The war would end, and the county entered unprecedented growth in their industrial departments. This could be due to the completed railroad and Morris Canal. Plus, Morris County and Essex County had railroads. The railroad would bring many businesses to the area. With the business came many immigrants. 

Many European people would begin settling in the area. The population grew quickly as many people began to settle in the area. As stated, in 1895, the county would create a park system. It was at this time that Newark would gain sixty acres of land. This was the first thoughts of Branch Brook Park. 

The man who created New York Central Park would be overseeing the designs of twenty of the twenty-five parks and reservations in the area. These sixty acres have now grown into almost six thousand acres. Much of this is greenery and parks. There are also many golf courses and even a zoo. 

During the roaring 20’s there was a lot of growth. It was at this time that the development of skyscrapers in Newark would be building. The airport would soon open, and the Subway was developing. At this time many of the areas would experience expansion and development due to the shopping centers being built in suburban areas. 

Essex County Facts And Data

  • The stock market crashed in 1929 and it would cause the county to come to a halt. It was once a thriving county, and it was now crippling apart. However, it was at this time that prohibition was being appealed and many breweries would open. This is what would cause Essex to rise once again and flourish. 
  • Essex County consists of 162.2 square miles (about half the area of San Antonio, Texas) of land. 
  • The western section of the county was slower to develop because the mountains were in the way. It was going to be expensive to build a road or railroad to this side. However, there was a demand for industrial growth, and it was done. This is when route 280 had come to be. 
  • Newark is the largest city in the county with both area and population. 

Population /Housing In Essex County New Jersey

As of 2020, the population of Essex County was just over 865,000 people (about half the population of Idaho). This means that there are approximately 6,800 people per square mile in this county. The land is not exceptionally large but consists of almost 3.5 square miles of water. This means that about two and a half percent of the county is water. 

There are just over 275,000 households in Essex County. There are also over 300,000 housing units. With that many people, there are going to be many businesses in the area for employment. 

Businesses In Essex County, NJ

Here are a few notable businesses in Essex County:

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